Arlene Smith

Fri, Dec 3, 2021
at Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

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Arlene Smith by Marie Beyers

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Stirred Not Shakin'

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One of Canada’s great female jazz singers, Montreal-born Arlene Smith is joined here by the stellar crew of Mike Murley, Mark Eisenman, Neil Swainson, Jerry Fuller and Reg Schwager, who did the arrangements. This superior program, which Cadence magazine called “an excellent example of the classic Jazz club vocal set,” was recorded live at the Montreal Bistro in Toronto. The intimacy of the evening, a comfortable setting surrounded by fans, family and friends invites you to sit back and explore the love expressions that Arlene so warmly presents, utilizing a great rhythm section and Mike Murley’s sensuous sax. Her focus and presentation are both up-front and stirring. This is Jazz singing at its best!”